The Request

Side Quest: Tainted Temple (part 3)

Session 3

After waking up on the main floor of the temple, Twitch and Cleric went and found more party members to help them out. They were joined by Cliff, Jackie, and Jokken (but they didn’t really realize he was there). They went back to where the other party members were last at and Twitch was joined the party. They went through the rest of the temple and found the underground library along with two more mimics. After finding the secret door in sitting room, they ran into more goblins. Most of the party could not attack because of Block was blocking the door. Finally Jackie was able to get through the door. In her hands was a book of Elivish Mating Rituals that she found in the library. She proceeded to throw it at a goblin. Missing, the book fell open and the goblin was interested in the page that was facing upwards, which was his mistake and Jackie killed it with an arrow. The party finished off the goblins and healed the party up. Only to have two lizard men appear and they were easy prey. Austin moved forward and spied on what was going on in the back area of the room. There he found the cloak lady that spoke to him in the upper room. As well as two were-tigers and the kidnapped clerics of the temple. The cloaked lady took the were-tigers and left. They returned the clerics to their normal homes and then left. After a discussion with the guard they had a meeting set up with Lord Daniel in two days.



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